Christmas Gift Guide - BRUU

Christmas Gift Guide - BRUU

BRUU, the gourmet tea club are on a mission to introduce the world to better tasting tea. As part of this mission, they’re focusing on enhancing the experience for tea drinkers with a new  range. Gourmet teas without the hefty price tag, all these gifts are suitable for those on a budget with all gifts being under £30. When looking for the perfect gift for a loved one, there’s bound to be something here that’s just their cup of tea. We’re particularly excited to announce an era of new partnerships with renowned companies to create some truly spectacular gifts, which is an incredible achievement for us as a small, local business. Here’s a taster to showcase some of our new range.

Chocolate Boxes

For the chocolate lover, this box contains chocolates that taste like our teas, you can even choose to include the teas as a bundle for a taste comparison. The gourmet chocolates are priced at only £15 or £25 when bundled with the teas; a perfect chocolat-tea stocking filler.

Mood Teas

For those who like tea to match their mood, we’ve got mood teas. We’re offering unique blends which support your emotional state, feeling tired, and want a pick me up? We’ve got a tea for that, wanting to feel calm and collected? We’ve got a tea for that too. Choose from, Focus, Energy, Recover, Relax, Indulgence. Each tin retails at just £9.99

Blend Your Own Tea

We’re also releasing a blend your own tea kit, which is perfect for the creative people in your life. Try your hand at creating your own blend, something fun to do with a tasty result. There’s a range of base options to choose from, and the flavours are up to you. You’ll be truly immersed in the tea experience and can make your perfect cuppa. Choose from a green or black tea base that comes with and if you like you can add additional ingredients. or choose the full tea range which includes both tea bases and the additional items! 

Black or Green Tea Blend: £19.99


Classic Subscription

Finally, for the gift that keeps on giving, we’ve got our classic subscription box. This can be tailored to meet dietary needs or to personal taste and is sent out monthly. The boxes contain three teas tailored to your choices, a golden sachet featuring a discovery tea, and a surprise from us! Prices start at just £10 for a one-off box or £28.50 for a 3-month subscription.


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