BRUU - The Gourmet Subscription Tea Club

Our story

We would love to say BRUU started out of a love and affinity for tea, but that was not the case. Our founder, was frustrated when the in-laws kept offering hot drinks to the family and instead of feeling left out, started to accept the occasional cup of tea. A new taste was forming but the tea bags being offered just wasn't cutting it.

During a day out in York, stumbling across a loose tea shop, a whole new world of flavour and experience was born. Walking away, a promise was made to introduce more people to teas like this.

This was in 2014, when most shops, supermarkets and eating establishments only offered black, peppermint and the occasion green tea bags. But, tea bags are filled with the lowest grade of tea available and restricted by the bag, just don't offer anywhere near the same taste.

So, BRUU was born and the rest, as they say, is history. With a focus on subscription, the business boomed, allowing fresh teas from around the world to be conveniently delivered through thousands of happy letterboxes. Offering the world fresh teas, that are unavailable anywhere else, it would seem, would be a recipe for success.

Our mission

We're on a mission here at BRUU to introduce the world to better tasting tea. Everything we do is guided by this mission, from the people we employ to the freshness of the teas we select. We think that we owe it to the worlds most consumed beverage to ensure that every cup is a great one. 

Our values

Here at BRUU, it goes without saying that freshness, superior taste, convenience and discovery, are important parts of what we do. But, the real magic happens when you get a group of people together, that are aligned to a common set of values and mission. 


To care and create happiness for employees, customers & partners.

Stand out

To be bold, disruptive, innovators, they can’t ignore us!


Be can do people, make things happen, get results and succeed!


To take on challenges, to dream big, and positively change the world!


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