Join Our Ambassador Programme


BRUU, An Award Winning Gourmet tea subscription club,  is an award-winning tea subscription where our boxes are unique to every individual as our subscribers get a unique box each time based on their chosen preferences. Along with this, they get a golden discover tea to try every month. We also have a complete Vegan-Friendly range our customers can choose from as well as being as eco-friendly as possible using recyclable material as well as much reusable material.

Would like to be  join the BRUU family on our Ambassador Programme? Do you have a passion for tea, an engaged audience and willingness to help promote and contribute to our journey, then we would love to hear from you. 
Some of the benefits

  Affiliation to a leading tea brand (MasterChef and Indy 2021 Best Tea Club).
  Lifetime supply of tea during your time with us.
  Exposure for you to our members and customers. 
★  Your own unique Ambassador page on BRUU. 
★  Access to competitions for your audiences.
★  15-20% Commission paid directly to you for any order you generate.
★  Exclusive 15% discount for you on all your purchases from us.
★  Monthly reports showing your statistics and to track sales.

Level 1
< £999/yr
Level 2
> £1000/yr
Affiliation with leading tea brand 
Tea Subscription to try our teas First box free Yearly Supply of tea free
Access to competitions for your audiences  
Commission on all orders 15% 20%
Your own personal discount on orders 15% 20%
Your own Ambassador page on BRUU
Shout-outs to our members about you
Login to view stats and your sales


1) How do I get started? 

Fill in the form below and we will set you up with an affiliate account. You will get an email with a link to log in to your ambassador page. If it doesn’t work, here is the link: Your affiliate link and discount code will be on your personal page. Please fill in all your details so we can send you your first box which will be for free.

2) How do I get my free first box?

Once on your affiliate account and you have filled in all your details, either select the first free box or make a subscription order. We will sort it out our side that you get your first box for free.

3) How does it work after my first free box?

After your first free box, simply create yourself an order using your affiliate link and discount code so you get commission on your own order. 

4) When do I get paid my commission?

We pay commission monthly on the 28th of each month except for December when it's the closest Friday to Christmas. 

5) How do I get to level two?

When you have generated £1000 you will be automatically upgraded to Level 2 when you get a free box every month.