Tea Academy

The UK's first free online tea academy

Welcome to the UK's first online tea academy that's totally free. Complete our online modules and by the end you will be a true tea 'infusiast' - receiving a 'BRUU Accreditation' for all your hard work.

If you are interested in the fascinating subject that is tea, this is for you. 

How does it work?

All you need to do is read through the topics and then check back to complete the next. At the end of the 3 modules you will be able to take our test and receive a 'BRUU Accreditation'.


One History of tea: What is tea and where the plant first grew
Two How tea traveled around the world
Three The tea bag expansion of the 1950's
Four The tea plant and harvesting


The different types of tea


Loose tea vs tea bags
Two Golden rules on tea storage and brewing
Three Different brewing vessels
Four Milk, lemon, honey and sugar in tea
Five Tea, health and caffeine


The basics of tea tasting
Two Tea processing terminology
Three Different levels of tea oxidation
Four Tea grading
Five The principles of tea blending

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