Loose tea vs teabags

Loose tea vs tea bags
Tea is the second-most consumed beverage in the world, after water. But despite a recent tea renaissance we are still using tea bags; the coffee equivalent of instant granules.  So what’s the difference between a cup of loose tea and a cup of tea with a bag?

These days most tea bags are filled with low-grade fannings or dust; tea leaves that have been chopped, ground and reduced to within an inch of their life. The essential oils which give tea its wonderful flavour and medicinal benefits are left soaking into the chopping board.

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Yes, the trusty tea bag has simplified tea making by making brewing easier and cleaner but in doing so we have lost the prowess of the loose leaf. We’re making better choices now when it comes to the things we eat and drink. It is now less about speed and convenience and more about provenance and quality. So maybe it's time we steep and strain instead of dunking and dashing. 

But I suppose until you have tried a quality loose leaf tea, like the types we sell at BRUU, you won't know what you’re missing out on. But we’ll guarantee you this - your tea will taste a lot better when the ingredients are 100% natural and are left to infuse without the restrictions of a paper bag. And it isn't just taste that should encourage you to ditch your tea bag. For centuries tea has been drunk for its medicinal benefits thanks to the antioxidants many are packed with. So it stands to reason that the full potential of a loose leaf tea will be preferable to a tea bag containing dust any day. 

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