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Hand-picked teas

Hand-picked teas

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The easy way to enjoy better tasting tea

Hi, we're BRUU the gourmet tea club and we're on a mission to introduce the world to better tasting tea.
Join our tea club and every month we'll send you a selection of delicious gourmet teas straight through your letterbox. Every box is lovingly packed with only the best loose tea and includes little themed surprises. You can pause or cancel your subscription at anytime and with between 25-40 cups of tea in each delivery, it's great value too.




Tell us the teas
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We hand-pick
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And send it to your home or work
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The personalised tea club

As a member of our tea club you call the shots hich means we'll only ever send you teas that we know you love.

You can pause or cancel your membership at anytime and if you aren't 100% satisfied with our gourmet loose tea, we’ll give you a full refund. No quibbles.
Gourmet by name, gourmet by nature

Gourmet by name, gourmet by nature

All of our teas are packed with only the finest quality tea leaves and in many cases blended with fresh organic ingredients. Which means our teas not only taste delicious but are also packed full of natural goodness.

It'll be the best tea you've ever tasted, promise - or so our customers keep telling us

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"I love this tea club, every month I get to try out amazing new loose teas"

– Jonathan Webb, Cardiff

"I look forward to my monthly BRUU delivery. I don't know much about tea, so it's great to be able to try a wide variety. The teas are always delicious, and I love the friendly, warm and personal service"

– Lesley Tuplin, London

"I am ashamed to have used tea bags for so long"

– Claire Stevens, Manchester

"Tea breaks have taken on a new dimension for me"

– Stephanie Terney, Leeds

"I've loved every tea I've been sent since I joined. My favorite so far is the 'Pina Colada Green' which smells amazing and tastes just as good. I can't wait till my next delivery!"

– Hwe Pang, Bristol

"Came across BRUU when I was looking for a tea subscription box uk and I am so pleased I signed up because the teas they send each month are gorgeous"

– Jennifer Connely, Dereham


Why we started BRUU

"Our tea club was started to solve my own problem. I've always enjoyed drinking tea and like most people in the UK used tea bags. On one particular occasion in the East I had my first loose tea and I knew in that moment I would never use a tea bag again. As my passion for loose leaf tea grew so did my frustration. Despite many attempts to buy loose tea online I struggled to find reputable companies selling high-grade loose tea blends. So I launched BRUU with one mission in mind - to make it easier for tea lovers to try and discover the finest quality tea leaves around blended with only the most natural ingredients available. And I have been working on that mission every since... Anneka (BRUU Founder)"

How to store loose tea

If you are new to drinking loose leaf teas or a recent convert (from drinking coffee to tea), one of the things that you need to know is how to store your loose tea to keep it fresh for longer. Most of us started our tea relationship with tea bags. You’d buy a couple of boxes, store it in a drawer at work and just get one as needed. Nothing to it right? When I transitioned to loose leaf teas I learned the hard way and had to get rid of quality tea just because it had gone ‘bad’ due to poor storage conditions...... MORE 

BRUU went to India

Last month BRUU packed a bag and flew to India on a mission to learn more about tea. We headed to Munnar in South India, a region famous for its vast tea estates and a climate perfectly suited to tea. As we wound around the scenic roads and stopped to enjoy the wonderful valleys below, there was no doubt that we was in the right place, surrounded by perfectly cultivated farmland rich with Camellia Senesis. ..... MORE

The UK's first free online tea academy

Welcome to the UK's first online tea academy that's totally free. Complete our online modules and by the end you will be a true tea 'infusiast' - receiving a 'BRUU Accreditation' for all your hard work.If you are interested in the fascinating subject that is tea, this is for you........ MORE

Delivery tea to over 40 countries around the world

Our mission is to introduce the world to better tasting tea which is why you can enjoy BRUU in over 40 countries. So it might be called a tea club in the UK and USA but elsewhere it's known as Club de té, Tee-Verein, Club de thé, चाय क्लब, Clube de chá, Club de thé, 茶俱乐部, thee, club de ceai, tè, tea klub, чайный клуб, ティークラブ or čaj klub....... MORE

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