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Things people ask - FAQ's

1) How much is delivery?

For UK customers joining our Monthly Tea Club it is zilch, nothing, zero, £0000. As a club member we take care of that, all you pay is your monthly amount. We deliver BRUU outside of the UK for an extra £2.99 per month which is applied at the checkout. For more on international delivery click here.

2) What exactly do I get each month?

Every month you will get a delivery of gourmet tea. In each box will be 3 different teas based on what you have told us you like. But our boxes are much more than just delicious tea. We theme each box so it also comes packed full of surprises each month. Anything from chocolates to cakes, we even had a space themed box full of spacey sweets! 


3) When will I get my tea?

You should get your tea around 1st of each month give or take a few days depending on holidays. We always email to let you know when it is on its way. If you are ordering outside of the UK your tea will arrive around the 10th of each month.


4) Will I need to be in when it arrives?

No, we send your tea in letterbox friendly packaging so it can be pushed through without a signature.


5) How much tea will I get?

You will receive a minimum of 25 BRUU's and depending on the option to re-infuse certain teas, up to 40 BRUUs.

With most of our teas the leaves can be re-infused (reused) several times.


6) How do you know which teas to send me?

Our tea experts base their decision on the options you have selected at the checkout coupled with the freshness of the teas our farmers have. The whole point is to introduce you to new teas. It is like when you go for a Indian or Chinese meal and order the same thing. Then your friend gets something different and you love it. Well we are your friend and our job is to make sure you love it.

We are working on features that will allow you to 'favorite teas' and choose individual ones, so watch this space. 


7) Can I cancel or skip a month

Of course. We want you to be totally happy so if you ever want to cancel all you need to do is email us. And if you want to skip a month then just get in touch.


8) How is it different from buying tea from the supermarket?

It is quite different. Supermarkets generally stock tea bags that typically contain low-quality tea grades called fanings or dust. If you are lucky enough to find loose tea it has generally been sat on the shelf too long. All our tea is hand-picked, sourced ethically and of the freshest quality. Like fruit, tea taste better closest to the harvest. 


9) When will I get billed & is it secure?

If it’s your first purchase from us, we’ll charge your card immediately. For recurring payments, the cards get charged towards the end of each month. Payments will appear as YOLO INC which is the umbrella company for BRUU.

If you pay your Monthly Tea Club in advance by selecting to pay for 3, 6 or 12 months we will usually give you a discount for doing so. This will then auto renew and the original card will be charged at the end of the period unless you request for the membership to be cancelled.

We use Sagepay process our payments. All transaction information passed between BRUU and Sage Pay’s systems is encrypted using 128-bit SSL certificates. No cardholder information is ever passed unencrypted and any messages sent to BRUU from Sage Pay is signed using MD5 hashing to prevent tampering. You can be completely assured that nothing you pass to us or Sage Pay’s servers can be examined, used or modified by any third parties attempting to gain access to sensitive information.


10) Will I need a teabag or infuser?

An infuser is beneficial but not necessary. Most of our loose tea leaves will fall to the bottom of the cup once they have infused the water, plus the more room the leaves have the more flavour they give off. If you don't have an infuser you can always purchase one from us, or use a cafeteria. 


10) How does delivery outside the UK work?

You can still join BRUU if you live outside of the UK but a small monthly delivery charge of £2.99 will be applied at the checkout and each month we will take from your payment card along with your monthly tea club subscription. 

Your order will usually arrive around the 25th of each month.

11) I am allergic to certain ingredients

The majority of our teas are free from nuts, coconuts, dairy and other known ingredients which can cause allergic reactions. However sometimes we do blend teas that contain these ingredients. So when you sign up for a membership please add a comment at the checkout notifying us of any special requirements and we will not send you any teas with those ingredients. We also clearly label all our ingredients on every label.



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