The principles of blending tea

tea blending

So we’ve spent three modules and fourteen topics telling you the ins and outs of tea; where it originated, how it’s harvested and some great advice on storing and tasting. In this final topic we're going to discuss how different teas are blended to produce a final product. Blending gives tea lovers a huge variety of tea, in fact there are more than 1,500 different varieties of black tea worldwide alone.

When we think of tea blending we often think of teas blended with fruits or herbs to create infusions. But the majority of tea blending is carried out with just black tea. You only have to look on the shelf of your local supermarket to find a wide variety of black teas but what differentiates one brand from another? Tea manufacturers have their own recipe and blend.  There can be around 35 different types of tea in your common black tea bag.  Each blender will have tasted dozens if not hundreds of teas from different regions and countries to find the right blend to mix for their tea recipe.  Once they are happy with the recipe mass production of this blend can begin.  In a modern day tea factory the recipe is inputted into a computer and the necessary amounts of each tea can be taken from the storeroom and conveyed into a large blending drum. This drum will rotate mixing all the teas together ready for their new teabag home. Most tea in bags is made up of fannings or dust, a grade of tea which lends itself to be easily mixed together.

Blending loose tea in this way is not as popular and instead manufacturers prefer to have a single origin tea leaf which is then mixed with fruit, flowers, herbs and even spices. Sometimes whole pieces are used which then add to aesthetics of this type of tea. A good tea mixologist will add ingredients in different sizes so that the flavours are released at the same time as the tea is brewed. It's why you will find most Chai teas have whole pieces of cardamon and ginger, these ingredients otherwise are very intense in granular form and would over power the tea.

Getting the right tea blend really is an art and of course a lot of trial and error. Here at BRUU we are dedicated to helping you discover the perfect tea to suit your palate; whether it be delicate and aromatic, rich and fruity, or light and refreshing - there’s something for everyone. We are passionate about bringing you the highest quality teas from around the globe.  Our tea blenders are constantly working to discover the most exciting and unique flavor combinations so that we can continue to offer quality new blends.

Learn more about the art of tea blending in this helpful video:

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