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A perfect equilibrium of natural antioxidant ingredients that brings physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual healing through ancient reiki philosophies.

*100g is volumetric measure and some tea may be under 100g as weight measure.

Why do we love it

The fruit pieces come together to create, a sweet but not overpowering blend. The various blossoms and rose petals give an earthy flavour which balances out the fruity notes. This one is full of natural antioxidants so our bodies love it too! 

How does it help you recover?

This tea focuses on what Reiki healing teaches. The ingredients in this tea are full of natural antioxidants that will help your body to remove bad energy from within. It will also help you to become more calm and relaxed, promoting you to release any pent up tension and emotions you may be holding - improving your mental state and allowing you to recover. Whilst there are lots of goodies in this tea, our key ingredient to help recover is rose hip peel, which can help to boost your immune system as it has a high level of antioxidants. 

How our drink hits the senses:

Our blend of herbs, fruits and blossoms with its delicate sweetness from the fruity mango and sweet apple pieces delight your taste buds first - you then get an aftertaste of freshness from the lemon grass, it is a pure experience of nature.   

Best enjoyed;

1tsp // 100°C // 5-10 mins

Nothing but…

Sultanas, apple pieces, mango cubes (mango, sugar), lemon grass, rose hip peel, hibiscus blossoms, orange peel, carrot shreds, nettle leaves, sweet blackberry leaves, freeze-dried tangerine-orange pieces, blue cornflower blossoms, mallow blossoms, marigold blossoms, rose petals, rosebuds, safflower.

Store in a cool, dry place. Mood Teas