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Matcha, green tea, and Brazilian mate help to boost brain power, alertness, and mood. Giving you a steady burst of energy., with a superfood chlorella algae.

*100g is volumetric measure and some tea may be under 100g as weight measure. 

Why we love it

It's the perfect drink to wake you up, full of goodness. Despite having the benefits of the chlorella algae powder this doesn't taste of the sea at all. It's minty yet sweet and tart.

Where it helps:

Peppermint helps to create alertness and give a boost of energy by stimulating the brain. Additionally green tea does contain the stimulant known as caffeine, though not as much as you'd find in coffee. Research shows that caffeine can improve brain functions, including mood, vigilance, reaction time, and memory. It also contains amino acid L-theanine  which has anti-anxiety effects and increases dopamine. Studies show that caffeine and L-theanine can have synergistic effects, so putting the two together can be particularly beneficial.

Furthermore, Yerba mate is well known for providing an energy boost that’s been described as gentle, clean, and calm rather than a sudden and drastic increase in energy. Matcha tea is a natural fighter of fatigue. with naturally occurring amino acids and small amounts of caffeine, most people feel the stimulative effects of matcha for at least two hours.

How our drink hits the senses:

The minty aroma is enough to awaken the senses. This aroma is transferred to the taste buds upon drinking, where it is then complimented by the subtle spice of the ginger and tartness of the lemon peel. The tea has earthy undertones, but the flavours combined are a sure-fire way to get you energised.   

Best enjoyed;
1tsp // 100°C // 2-3 mins

Nothing but…

Green tea (55 %), Ginger Pieces, Lemon Peel, Brazilian Mate, Guayusa, Peppermint, Natural Flavouring, Matcha-powder (1%), Chlorella Algae Powder.
Important: Guayusa leaves may only be used for the preparation of an aqueous extract according to the recommended preparation.

Store in a cool, dry place. Mood Teas