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Our own little jewel.

What it is?
A potently fruity Oolong tea. 

Why we love it
Rose petals and pink cornflowers perfect the creation. Delicious whether served hot or cold, by cup or by pitcher. Slim down and cool down with our half fermented raspberry and rose note flavoured tea, a simple fruity blend. Think pink of course -  you can even leave your rose-tinted glasses aside!

Where it’s from
Bijoux comes from a small tea province in Taiwan close to the eastern region. Combining these with the hand-picked freeze-dried whole raspberries & red cornflower blossoms grown in Spain, this Oolong tea is a fantastic mix of flavours and culture. 

How our drink hits the senses   

Bijoux hits your sense of smell first with an earthy floral smell, a bit like Turkish Delight. When brewed it becomes a dark red colour, with the fermented tea smell pushing through. It's deep red hue is very colourful to look at, accompanied by the floral smell. This floral scent translates to the taste, with earthy undertones. The tea is has a lovely malty taste which complements the botanical nature of the tea. 

Best enjoyed;
1-2 tsp // 80-90°C // 2-3 mins

Nothing but…

semi-fermented tea (91%), natural flavouring, pink rosebuds, rose petals, freeze-dried whole raspberries, red cornflower blossoms

Store in a cool, dry place


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