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Nice 'n' Spicy Chai


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ORGANIC: A refreshing taste of mint holds this exciting spicy chai together.

How our drink hits the senses:

Whilst sitting dry in its container waiting to become your BRUU;
A prominent chilli presence.  Don't sniff up too hard, you're guaranteed a sneeze or two.

As the drink is BRUUing;
A long steeping time to allow the chai part of the blend to wake up.  Mint is always a great smell to experience. Freshening.

The taste journey;
The tiniest hint of chilli whilst peppermint runs throughout each sip as the chai spices keep tantalising the taste buds with subtle sweetness.

Best enjoyed;
1tsp //  100°C  // 6-10 mins

Nothing but…

Liquorice root, fennel, aniseed whole, green mint, cinnamon, nettle leaves, ginger bits, cloves, pepper & cardamom.


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