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Small producers based in the Bai Yun mountains, in the East of China, have clubbed together to make this amazing Mao Jian green tea!

What it is?
Mao Jian, is a sweet and floral green. There is an honesty in its flavour, reflecting the stress the tea bush goes through, due to the winter snows and altitude. As a result of the climate and temperatures the tea bush is exposed to, the season for the perfect Mao Jian tea is short, with the perfect crop coming from early spring.

Why we love it
Needle-like in appearance, and made from only the buds, Mao Jian leaves are commonly known as ‘hairy tips’ due to their appearance, the downy hairs (Mao) are what gives the tea its name.

Where it’s from
Hunan, Xinyang, China.  Bai Yun mountains. 750m above sea level.

How our drink hits the senses
This Mao Jian is super fresh and packed full of flavour. Produced by smallholders in the Bai Yun mountains, you can almost taste the Chinese air!

The taste journey
It is a light, sweet cup, with a gentle floral aroma and a sappy freshness.

Capital City:
Soil type:
Av temp:
Estate size:
  Hunan, Xinyang, China
  23°11’00.5”N 113°17’43.9”E
  750m above sea level
  Yellow-black sandy loam
  Pan-roasted Green
  Spring crop 
  Average farm size 8 acres

Best enjoyed;
1 tsp  //  80°C //  1-3 mins

Nothing but…

Mao Jian green tea

Store in a cool, dry place

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