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A smooth indulgent rooibos tea blended with creamy caramel and almond.

What it is?
A rooibos drinkers dream.  Did we just smell Daim Bar? As if rooibos needed to smell any nicer! Let's BRUU.

Why we love it
This is a composition, which must be tried. The combination is just perfect and results in a delicious, soft creation rounded off with a dash of cream.

Where it’s from
Rooibos is a natural herb grown only in South Africa, being endemic to the Cederberg Region of the Western Cape province. Its leaves have been used traditionally by the locals to make a refreshing brew, which became known as Rooibos Tea. The name Rooibos (red bush) is derived from the reddish colour of the fermented leaves. The plant is a shrub-like bush with green needle-like leaves and can grow up to a height of 2m. Yellow flowers appear in spring, and the fruit is a small pod with one or two hard seeds.

How our drink hits the senses
As this drink is infusing, the sensational sweet treat to the senses continues. This is where the rooibos awakens and becomes much more apparent as the infusion takes place.

The taste journey
The taste journey is pleasant and smooth on the tongue. Our blenders designed it so the sweetness isn't too obvious but compliments the rooibos leaves. Infuse for longer to obtain a sweeter deeper taste that will linger in the mouth.  Yummy.

Best enjoyed;
1tsp // 100°C // 3-5 mins

Nothing but…

Rooibos Tea, Cream-Caramel Pieces (Sweetened, Skimmed Condensed Milk, Sugar, Glucose Molasses, Butter Fat, Wetting Agent: Sorbitol, Emulsifying Agent: Mono- And Diglycerides of Edible Fatty Acids), Brittle Pieces (Sugar, Hazelnuts, Invert Sugar), Flavouring.
Store in a cool, dry place. CONTAINS NUTS