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A tea made for angels. 

What it is?
A heavenly green tea blend, with plenty of papaya, a pinch of pineapple and stacks of strawberry.

Why we love it
Sweet and bitter in equal measure, with a real fruity finish. Perfectly refreshing to be enjoyed hot or cold.

Where it’s from
Also known as ‘Dragonwell’, Lung Ching is one of the most famous Chinese green teas worldwide, renowned for its quality and remarkable flavour. True Lung Ching tea, with its unique flat and crisp leaves, is grown only in the Hangzhou area in Zhejiang province. Longjing Village at the west side of the West Lake is the very “place of origin of Longjing Tea” and is called the “No. 1 Village of Tea”. Surrounded by the super high mountains, Longjing Village is not only the residence of over 800 people but the growing plantation of near 800 acres of Longjing Tea as well.

How our drink hits the senses:
Huge swathes of pineapple and strawberry, with an almost bitter climax.
Sweet and bitter in equal measure, with a real fruity finish.

Best enjoyed;
1tsp // 80°C // 1-3 mins

Nothing but…

Green Tea Sencha and Lung Ching, White Tea Pai Mu Tan, Papaya Cubes (Papaya, Sugar), Flavouring, Rose Petals, Freeze Dried Strawberry Pieces. CONTAINS SUGAR.

Store in a cool, dry place


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