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Think raspberry ripple ice cream...

What it is?
A unique blend of premium green & white tea. It's sweet and fruity, with a smell like hubba bubba gum. 

Why we love it
The true lightness of vanilla jasmine is pure elegance. A chic leaf with silver needles and jasmine blossoms gives you a weightless tea with smooth, fruity after tones. 

Where it’s from
The hybrid nature of this tea is fantastic. Bourbon vanilla beans from Madagascar bring a creamy yet sweet velvety flavour you might associate with ice cream. The sweetest and richest vanillas combined with the finest grade Yin Hao jasmine are the perfect combination. Grown in the Fujian Province in China, and packed in summer when in full bloom and scented over seven nights. 

How our drink hits the senses
Don't be fooled by the strong bubble gum smell! The taste and smell create a duality for the senses, whilst the smell is strong and sweet, the tea is calming, refreshing and light. This tea sets a complex base layer of creamy caramelised vanilla in your taste palette. Once this base layer settles, the true flavour begins. Jasmin and Strawberry slices peak through the creamy vanilla layer, the flavours swirling to provide a well-rounded blend of tea.

Best enjoyed;
1-2 tsp // 75-80°C // 2-3 mins

Nothing but…

Green Tea, flavourings, Fujian Jasmine, White tea, freeze-dried strawberry slices, Roman camomile. 

Store in a cool, dry place


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