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A Chinese Se Chung Oolong speciality with a slightly earthy aroma and delicious aromatic taste.

What it is?
Smooth, refreshing, lightly oxidised leaf provides a delightful pale cup which is enhanced by the delicate aroma and pleasing taste. The leaves can be infused several times so the enjoyment is even more and the cost per cup less.

Why we love it
Camellia Sinensis malty bliss.

Where it’s from
It was said that Oolong tea was named after the part of the Wuyi Mountain Jiangxi province, China where it was originally produced. According to the "Anxi" theory, oolong tea had its origin in the Anxi oolong tea plant, which was discovered by a man named Sulong, Wulong, or Wuliang. Grown in the mineral-rich soil beneath the towering cliffs of the Wuyi Mountains, Wuyi oolong has earned the nickname 'Yancha', meaning Rock Tea.

How our drink hits the senses
An earthy nutty aroma that reminds us of being outdoors.

The taste journey
Bakey notes, clear and tasty infusion with a suggestion of honey, flowers and a hint of woody astringency.

Best enjoyed;
1tsp // 80°C // 2-3 mins

Nothing but…

Pure Oolong Tea. 

Store in a cool, dry place


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