BRUU Blossom - Royal Rose

BRUU Blossom - Royal Rose

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Blossom Your Senses with Royal Rose:

What it is?
Royal Rose flowering tea is a captivating blend of handcrafted green tea leaves and delicate rosebuds that unfurl into a mesmerizing bloom when steeped, offering a visually stunning and aromatic tea experience.

Why we love it
We love Royal Rose because it combines the beauty of a blooming flower with the exquisite taste of premium tea, creating a delightful sensory journey that elevates every tea-drinking moment.

Where it’s from
The leaf tips produced in Guangnan County (Yunnan) are carefully humidified before being refined. Then, skilled hands bind them together with two freshly cut marigolds and rose blossoms into small pieces of art. Royal Rose unfolds its exceptional splendour in the infusion. A play of colours of red and orange-coloured blossoms spread in a sea of emerald green, delicate leaf tips. Colour nuances of ripe limes surround the flowery, fragrant bouquet.

How our drink hits the senses:
Our Royal Rose drink enchants the senses with its enchanting visual display as the tea leaves and rosebuds gracefully unfurl in hot water, releasing a captivating floral aroma and a nuanced, soothing taste that lingers on the palate, making every sip a truly sensory delight.

Best enjoyed;
Infuse 1 tea blossom with 0.5 litre of  75° - 80 °C hot water for 1-3 minutes

Nothing but…

Green Tea, Calendula Blossom, Rose Blossoms

Store in a cool, dry place

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