Turn Anxie-tea into Positivi-tea!

Turn Anxie-tea into Positivi-tea!

Since it is November, and more importantly Men’s Health Awareness month (Movember), it is essential that we talk about such a prominent subject that is sadly occurring all around us.

On average, thirteen men each day take their own lives by suicide in the UK; that is a substantial number and things certainly need to change, for women too. Understanding the symptoms and signs of mental and physical illness can really aid in helping a loved one; whether it is a family member or friend, work colleague or passer-by; being there as a support network can really help. Worrying over a physical problem, stressing about work matters or overthinking about personal issues can spiral out of control if not recognised.

This is where a simple cuppa could work wonders – sitting down and listening to a person’s worries and feelings could significantly boost clarity and rational thinking; knowing someone is there for you could make a huge difference, and doing this in a relaxed setting can encourage speaking up. Sharing a problem is often the first step to recovery.

Although the Mental Health Foundation’s annual Tea and Talk event has just been in October, it doesn’t stop us from creating our own tea and talk encounters; putting the kettle on, creating a comfortable atmosphere and listening to someone in need could be that vital lifeline for someone; how good would you personally feel knowing you have assisted someone in sourcing the right support…

Talking is crucial and a warm cup of tea can really enhance a person’s disposition, it has been proven (check out our recent blog post regarding the numerous health benefits of tea!); they both go hand in hand and have the ability to change a situation for the better. 

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