Health Benefits: More Tea For Me Please!

Health Benefits: More Tea For Me Please!

Here at BRUU, we are constantly scanning the ‘hot beverage horizon’ for the latest trends and reports that place the humble cup of tea as the front runner. 

We LOVE tea and we are definitely not alone; with 165 million cups of day consumed on average in Britain, there is a steady following of fans that enjoy the warmth and pleasure of a cuppa. So, what if we were to tell you that there are a number of health benefits to drinking tea, other than the scrumptious taste?


Green Tea can help our cognition and potentially fend off Alzheimer’s

Scientists have conducted numerous studies into tea and the benefits - (green tea to be precise) and have found that there is a particular natural component found in green tea (EGCG) that can disturb the accumulation of unwanted plaques in the brain which eventually causes important cells to die; the primary cause of Alzheimer’s.

It is still early days with this particular area of research, however the cognitive performance of our older generation who drink tea rich in EGCG have confirmed in several tests that it has improved and ongoing studies sound promising - we say, drink more green tea and keep BRUU in your memory!

Tea can enhance our natural 'BRUU-ty'

Yes, that’s right; tea can help improve our appearance! Tea contains polyphenols, components that aid in the sought after anti-aging process. Another one of tea’s prime benefits is its ability to hydrate us, coffee on the other hand has the opposite effect. If like most people, acne prone skin is a problem, you are in luck – green tea has a calming effect and packed full of powerful antioxidants; meaning less stress and more radiant, clear skin in no time!

Tea can improve our mental health

Certain types of tea can help reduce anxiety and boost our ability to focus and concentrate. L-theanine, an amino acid found in tea has been proven to alter our brain wave patterns, shifting worry and stress and enabling our minds to think more positively; a huge help for individuals struggling with depression and other mental struggles.

We could go on and on about the benefits of tea, but we won’t write a novel just yet! Just go and make a cuppa and reap the benefits yourself; we would love to hear your thoughts!   

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