Top Ten Teas - Vegan Edition

Top Ten Teas - Vegan Edition

Here at BRUU we like new and exciting tea flavours, but who says they need not be vegan? Whilst some of our teas are not vegan due to added ingredients such as chocolate, we still have a huge selection of vegan teas to choose from! Which is a number that continues to grow as we expand our range.

Each of these teas are scrumptious on their own or with plant-based milk, but we leave the bruu to you – however you like it! Additionally, all of our discover teas that you get in your subscription box are vegan friendly, so there’s no need to worry about that.

Here’s a list of 10 of our must try vegan teas!

Caribbean Kiss

This one is a blend using tea from Sichuan, China. It’s punchy but sweet with a fiery touch. This one is smooth and velvety, with citrus hints. A perfect black and green blend. It has a warmth to it that takes you beyond the stormy waters and straight onto the warm, sandy shores of the Caribbean.


Biscottea is one of our all-time favourites. An Assam black tea blended with spices, apple, and orange pieces. This fruity, cinnamon tea is good all year round but perfect in late autumn and winter. It’s warm, full of flavour and soul. It is reminiscent of mulled wine, cinnamon buns, and that sweet winter feeling.

Gingerbread man

A rooibos blend with nutty undertones. Another one that’s perfect for autumn. The orange peel really brings out the flavour here. Gingerbread Man is one of our best sellers. Looks beautiful, tastes beautiful, with an exotic finesse. A true showstopper.

Tangy Peach

All fruits in this tea are sustainably sourced which fully enhances their natural flavourings. This tea can be enjoyed hot or cold, any time of year. This one is perfect for those who love a fruity tea. Soft and sweet, with a warm ginger undertone. Truly just peachy!

Authentic Chai

Smoky, sweet, spicy. If you love Chai then there’s nothing you can’t love about this tea. Authentic Assam black tea, you get a real taste of India. Authentic Chai is soft yet punchy – a real crowd pleaser.

Satemwa Hibiscus

There’s nothing in this tea but pure Satemwa Hibiscus from Malawi. Some choose to blend it with black tea, some add coconut sugar or honey. But on its own it is soft and warming – a delightful purple colour. Rich in vitamin C with fruity undertones. What’s not to love?

Yin and Yang

Nothing but Chinese green tea with harmonizing sweet and sour notes. Refreshing and earthy, this tea is very popular in China, grown near the Yangtze River – the longest river in Asia! It’s a simple, but delicious tea.

Wild Apple

A green and white blend with ginger and fruit pieces. Wild apple is a delicate and smooth tea with the tang of a crisp apple. It’s truly refreshing. The tea comes from Fujian China, where the heavy forests make intriguing and moreish tea flavours.


Popcorn is a Japanese tea harmonized with roasted rice to give a natural sweetness that resembles freshly popped popcorn. The green tea is from Kagoshima, Japan. Much of the land throughout Kagoshima has been covered in a layer of volcanic ash known as “shirasu” which produce soil that is rich in minerals.


Rooibos meets blueberries. This sweet, fruity treat is a real delight with a taste of summer. Mild, yet quite tart – blueibos is certifiably moreish. Organic tea grown on the Western Cape of South Africa – the only place where rooibos grows. A true taste of South Africa.

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