The Top 10 Tea Types

The Top 10 Tea Types

Here at BRUU we stock a wide range of teas, so our members get to try teas from all around the globe. So we thought we would put together our top 10 tea types, voted by members in their boxes in 2020 and the results are not what we expected. 
  1. Black

Black tea is the most popular in the western world and is made using Camellia synesis leaves. The leaves are left to oxidize for longer, leading to a darker leaf and cup. The taste is often described as strong, brisk and astringent. It is a tea that goes well with milk, honey and sugar.

Black tea is the lowest on this list as its most widespread and most people have black tea in their pantry. Even though we have some amazing blends and unique taste like Diamond Black it still didn't get a higher spot.  

  1. Lapacho

Lapacho is a herbal tea made from the inner bark of the pau d'arco tree. The tea was commonly used by indigenous people in South America for its powerful medicinal benefits. This tree grows high in the Andes of the South American rainforest. The tea produces a dark cup and has a smooth nutty taste profile.

Lapacho goes has seen increasing popularity owing to its health benefits and relatively low-caffeine content. 

  1. Chai

Chai tea originated in India and is a tea that is mixed with aromatic Indian spices and herbs. It is traditionally blended with black tea but now can be found within green compositions. The taste is festive, warming and balanced. Due to the powerful herbs and spices used, the tea is packed with natural health benefits.

Chai Tea is just beautiful to smell and drink on any day of the year. We have some amazing blends in our range such as Biscotea and Nice N Spicy which are member favourites. Chai tea is for me is summed up as comfort tea.

  1. White

White is made using the young Camellia Sinensis buds and has the lowest oxidation time of any tea. This leads to a very light, almost clear cup, and subtle taste. The taste is clean, healthy and the tea is favoured for its high levels of natural antioxidants.

This tea is the ideal choice for the healthy lifestyle advocate and proves the point that healthy foods and drink need not taste bad. You got such great choices from our ranges like Champagne and Wild Apple. These tea are the ones you have that will always revitalize you and give you the boost we always need. 

  1. Oolong

Oolong tea is a traditional Chinese tea, made from the leaves of the Camellia Sinensis plant. The tea is partly oxidized, which creates a light brown cup. It has a characteristic taste, which is malty and nutty.

Ooolong are quite a traditional teas which gives this tea elegance and our most popular are Royal star and Maple Syrup. They offer something totally unique and sit between a green and black tea. 

  1. Mate

Mate tea is made from yerba mate, a South American holly tree similar to the tea plant. It produces a light green cup and taste like a Smokey green.

Mate is an exotic tea and unusual filled with natural health benefits. We have two beautiful teas in this range Brazilian and Parana which gives you a wonderful introduction to this relatively unknown tea.


  1. Herbal

Herbal teas are natural teas, made from herbs, spices and other plant materials. They are packed with health benefits and often used as wellness teas. Our herbal teas use only the finest ingredients to create a refreshing tea.

Herbal teas are a rainbow of different colours and flavours for your delights.  Our most popular in 2020 were Cheeky Digestive and Flourish which many of our members loved.  We said we only use the finest ingredients for a reason.

  1. Green

Green tea is made from Camellia Sinensis leaves and has a shorter oxidation time, which means the leaves and cup are greener. The tea is fresh, smooth and verdant and is famed for its health benefits. contain real whole fruits and are balanced, so they don't taste like warmed up fruit cordial

Green teas are increasingly on the increase in popularity with them becoming more widely available and is packed full of health advantages and give the biggest feel-good natural boost. Check out our most popular blends Mango Hemp and Ruby Sunset.

  1. Rooibos

Rooibos, also known as 'red bush', is caffeine-free and made from the Aspalathus Linearis shrub, grown in the Cederberg mountains of South Africa. The tea has high levels of antioxidants and produces a red cup. It has a rounded, smooth and malty taste and works well with honey.

Rooibos is really smooth and our Crème Brûlée, Gingerbread Man and Strawberry Milkshake were firm favourites. Rooibos is for those who wish to experience and begin a real discovery of what tea can be.

  1. Fruit

Fruit teas are a fabulously tasty infusion of fruit flavours, that are caffeine-free, that can be enjoyed both hot and cold. With lockdown last year, hot weather and a more health conscious tea drinker, we saw sales of fruit teas increase especially our Lemon Waffle and Turkish Apple. These are just scratching the surface on our fruit range, so remember to dive right into the whole collection. 

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