The Art of Baking With Tea

The Art of Baking With Tea

If you share our love for everything tea then have you ever thought about using tea in baking?

On one of our family travels I had the pleasure of sampling a delectable slice of a Matcha Cake which was delicious and tasted just like the tea – albeit with a much sweeter edge. So it begs the question - how do you get that flavour from the tea into a cake?

It’s really very simple and all you need do is steep your chosen tea and add the cooled liquid to your cake mix, instead of water. You can also steep tea in milk and using that as a base for a cream filling, such as a macaroon or icing for a cup cake. The possibilities are endless.

Here are some BRUU suggestions to get your inspired:

Nice ‘n” Spicy Chai – this tea has green mint, cinnamon and ginger bits which would make the perfect festive cookie.

Biscotti Black – this tea has apple and orange that would perfectly compliment a sponge or cupcake.

Minister’s Earl Grey – give your biscuits a twist with this floral sophisticated tea.

Always Takes TOolong – this tea would help make the perfect fruit cake thanks to the apple and pear pieces.

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