How BRUU Are Going Green in 2019

How BRUU Are Going Green in 2019

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Since our last blog ‘Why our goals for 2019 are rubbish’, we have fallen deeper into the ethical and environmental rabbit hole and thought we would let you know our progress on our goal for 2019 – ‘Make BRUU more socially, ethically and environmentally conscious.’

We are currently building a new page of our website with all information on the steps we take to make sure what we send to you is the best version we feasibly can. We have sections on where our tea is sourced, how we package, and the accreditations our suppliers hold. But all of that’s a bit technical, and can be a dry read, so here are the key points for you, in slightly friendlier bitesize pieces!


Our boxes are fully recyclable, and are EPD® accredited. This means that they entirely responsibly sourced. Thank you very much! Watch out for the EPD® logo appearing on the box soon. Our boxes are also FSC® compliant, meaning that the Forest Stewardship Council manage the source of our paper and card, and make sure it is entirely sustainable.  

In order for packaging to be accredited this way, everything is considered; from the environmental impact of raw material acquisition, energy use and efficiency, content of materials and chemical substances, emissions to the air, soil and water, and waste generation. 

Likewise our bags for your BRUU are fully recyclable. Now admittedly, we would like to move away from plastic altogether, and we are very much aiming for that this year. However, making sure that the packet we replace it with is sustainable, and suitable for keeping the tea airtight and not compromise on the taste of your BRUU, is crucial to us. It also needs to be aligned with the food standards agency to comply with our 5 star hygiene rating. So for now, put them in with your weekly recycling, and watch this space with our future boxes. Until we can commit to a plastic free future for BRUU, we have joined Friends of the Earth #PlasticFreeFriday initiative, and have signed up for the volunteering programme, so watch this space there too! 


Along the plastic train of thought, we know we have told you before in a previous Blog that teabags themselves contain a plastic layer called polypropylene, which isn't biodegradable. If you drink tea as often as we do, us that amounts to a lot of teabags per day, so by being part of our BRUU Tea Club, you are already doing your bit on that front, but there's more to know about us...

We work very closely with all of our tea suppliers, and have personally been to visit several tea regions in India and Sri Lanka from where we source your BRUU. In addition, all of our suppliers have a very impressive stack of credentials including; certification to source and supply Rainforest Alliance teas, Certified to supply organic tea by the Organic Food federation. Members of the Ethical Tea Partnership and the DE Foundation... that's just to name a few!  

Safe to say, there is plenty going on here at BRUU HQ, and we know we have a long way to go, but we have made a start! 

Phew... time for a polypropylene free cupper! 

Sophie xxx

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