Our January 2019 Box...

Our January 2019 Box...

What a January it has been for us here at BRUU HQ, and what a year we have planned for you. So welcome to 2019, whether you are a tea club veteran, or this is your first box with us, welcome to the crazy club!

A New Year brings with it plenty of excitement for new opportunities and a clean sheet, ready for you to win at life in the coming months. I’m sure you’ve heard plenty of #NewYearNewMe stuff over January, people setting resolutions and goals, making pledges to be a better version of themselves, and as a team this year we stepped up too. Some have already slipped by the wayside admittedly, but a others have so far stuck.

One of the big ones was to carry on getting healthier, and happier, both physically and mentally as a team. We all did a BRUU Teatox this January and felt so much better afterwards. It flushed away any lingering mince pies from our systems and gave us all an overall boost in energy. Remember to visit our Teashop where you can get your own.

With healthier New Year’s resolutions in place it also meant our office tuck shop needed an overhaul to become less of a sweet shop and more of a fruit bowl… but we we’re struggling to find tasty little snacks that don’t fall directly off a tree. That’s where this month’s partner comes in… ‘Taking the peas’. We found them whilst searching how to fill the tuck box, and our tummy’s. We knew we were going to like them when we came across their website - anyone who can name their company with such a winning pun had our vote. But it left me a little unstuck when I tried to link peas to tea in our theme, so I decided not to even try!

As well as feeling healthier we can also tick another goal from our long list and announce that all our packaging is now totally recyclable and from FSC and EPD sustainable sources. Be sure to head over to the BRUU blog to read about how we are moving into being a greener company.

So, stay tuned in 2019 we have a lot of amazing improvements in store for you, to make our tasty little tea club even tastier than it already is!


Now time to raid the tuck box, I mean, fruit bowl… I’ll put the kettle on! 


Love Sophie and all the team at BRUU xx

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