Is it Safe to Give Tea to Children?

Is it Safe to Give Tea to Children?

Tea for Children

Yes. We have always lauded that tea is healthy for us adults. It brings on positive effects on the body, our mood and our well-being as a whole.

But have any of you thought of tea for your kids? Are you giving them tea when they ask for it?

I have and aside from turning my tea time into a question and answer portion, I personally do not see any negative effect of teas on my child (she started at 7 years old and still growing!). In fact, it has become one of our bonding moments, having tea after a day in school or a rainy afternoon and we do not want to venture outside.

One thing to remember – stay away from the caffeinated teas, these are your traditional teas. Caffeine has always been a no-no for children, so please take note of that.

I started my daughter on green tea. A very weak version of a green tea I might add. Green tea has a number of positive effects – which have been discussed in our previous blog – but healthy gums and teeth are one of them.

Teabags or loose leaf?

I would be honest – I started her with a teabag. She just wanted to join me one afternoon and I was unsure how she would like the taste, so I dipped the teabag and have it a minute to steep and gave it to her. She liked it enough that I lost my quiet time.

But whether it is tea bags or loose-leaf, it doesn’t matter, to be honest. Steeping it for 2-3 minutes sounds about good, if it appears stronger --- just add extra water to dilute it. Add a bit of honey, depending on your child’s palate.

What does tea do for children?

The effect of tea is almost the same for adults and children –

  • It helps relieve stress and anxiety after a hectic day at school
  • It helps with digestion and if your child has a problem with constipation, use flaxseed tea.
  • Relief from cough, you can give your child some peppermint or chamomile tea
  • Relief from fever, giving your child a warm cup of tea promotes quick perspiration and helps to get rid of the chills
  • Cure for an upset stomach

What type of tea can I give my child?

Based on my experience, I have done quite a bit of research as I fear I have started the wrong habit for my child. After giving her the weak versions of the tea that I drink, I moved on to fruit-based teas. 

Below are some teas that I have tried for my child –

Aside from the variety of flavours – these teas have health benefits that can help when your child is feeling a little bit under the weather.

If you are a parent, who asked the same question as I did years ago – I would say, give it a try. As for me, I started a good habit with my child.

My quiet time became a question and answer portion of the day, and now as she grows into a young lady – it has become one of our bonding moments. Don’t miss out on these special moments with your child – even if it’s just sharing a cup of tea.

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