What Are The Dental Benefits To Drinking Green Tea?

What Are The Dental Benefits To Drinking Green Tea?

If I ask you to give me three benefits of drinking tea, I am 100% sure that dental benefits would not even make it on a Top 10 list. But it’s true, one of the benefits of drinking tea is it can help brighten your smile.

It’s a GO for GREEN! (and BLACK)

Aside from being used as a detox tea, making your smile a little brighter and your breath fresher could be another reason for adding tea to your daily routine.

One inherent characteristic of green tea is its antimicrobial properties; this can help keep your breath fresher. With green tea being also low in acid, it lowers acidity in your mouth which is beneficial to your teeth. Acid reduces your teeth’s enamel which can cause serious problems leading to teeth loss, so you are doing your teeth good by making sure that acidity is lowered in your mouth. Aside from its positive effects on your breath and teeth, did you know that green tea is also healthy for your gums? One of green tea’s content “catechin” aids in reducing gum inflammation. Keeping your teeth healthy is not only by maintaining acidity but by also keeping your gums healthy.

It’s not only green tea that can give you a healthier mouth – black tea has also been known to have the same healthy effect in our mouths. Black tea helps eliminate the two kinds of bacteria in our mouths – Streptococcus and Lactobacillus (isn’t that a mouthful? See what I did there?)

Don’t worry if you want your tea to be a little sweeter, adding sweetener does not diminish the tea’s efficacy. And drinking 3 to 4 cups a day is considered an effective routine if you are a tea lover that’s just your normal cups in a day.

All in all, that’s a helpful bit of information – it seriously can’t get any better than this – drinking one cup keeps you healthy both inside and out, puts a spring in your step everyday and a pretty smile on your face. Check out our wonderful Teashop, boasting a whopping twenty-two different Green teas to choose from!

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