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The Luponde Tea Estate, in the Njombe district, in the Southern Highlands of Tanzania, renowned for its excellent environmental practices of natural tea husbandry, Luponde produces one of the nicest and most respected teas in Tanzania.

What it is?
A malty black tea with a nutty character.

Why we love it
Luponde is much softer and more mellow than other Tanzanian teas, yet with an aromatic zest and a fine length of flavour.

Where it’s from
Njombe District, Tanzania. With a hot and humid eastern shore bordering the India Ocean, and a mountainous, densely forested area in the northeast, Tanzania is one of the most important tea-producing countries in Africa. It has a warm, tropical climate with seasonal patterns of precipitation - a perfect recipe for growing tea. Although much of Tanzania is too dry for tea, the Luponde Plantation flourishes in  the high altitude.

How our drink hits the senses
A very light, malty and earthy aroma fills the senses.   

The taste journey
A very mellow, fresh BRUU with a fine length of flavour. Luponde can be drunk with or without milk, we just love the versatility.

Capital City:
Soil type:
Av temp:
Estate size:
  Njombe district
  08°51′S 034°50′W
  190m above sea level
  Clay-loam pH 4.4-5.5
  November - December 
  730 hectares

Best enjoyed;
1 tsp  //  100°C //  3 mins

Nothing but…

Organic Luponde

Store in a cool, dry place

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