Tea Gift FAQ's

Tea gifts make the perfect present for that special somebody. Which tea lover among us wouldn't want gourmet teas delivered to their door every month?! When we set up our tea club we knew our monthly tea subscriptions would make the perfect tea gift but we never anticipated them being such a hit.

So how do our tea gift subscriptions work? 
Once your have purchased a tea gift subscription from BRUU (3, 6 or 12 month) we'll email you with a special electronic gift card which you can either print off or send directly to the lucky recipient. All they need to then do is use the unique code on the gift card to activate their gift subscription. They'll then get delicious gourmet teas delivered every month.

What do they get every month?
On around the 1st of each month we'll send the lucky recipient a box our gourmet tea. They will get 3 different teas based on what they have told us us they like. But our boxes are much more than just delicious tea. We theme each box so it also comes packed full of surprises each month. Anything from chocolates to cakes, we even had a space themed box full of spacey sweets!

A few happy customers tea gifts

"My mum loved her tea gift and every month she would tell me how lovely the teas she was sent were" Stacey - Kent

"BRUU saved my bacon!! I needed a last minute gift and the email gift card arrived within minutes of ordering. My friend was very pleased and has enjoyed the teas" Mark - Manchester

"Was given this subscription from my daughter. The teas I have been sent are amazing and especially exciting how the boxes are themed each month. Particularly loved the space themed box" Audery - Woking

"We wanted to get a good leaving present for a colleague that has a very serious tea addiction. BRUU came up trumps with this perfect tea gift" Marketing Team - Razor Light

"The ultimate tea gift for any tea lover, my brother is over the moon with it and the plus is I get to try his teas too" Darrah - Dublin

"I look forward to my monthly tea delivery, interaction with the company has been great and I'm pleased to be supporting Bruu Tea. I'm in Richmond at the weekend too for a wedding so I'll be sure to spread the word!" Customer Survey ID: 24966254

"I was never a particular fan of Rooibos before (didn't mind it, but didn't think it very special either), but your If Terry's did Rooibos is amazing. One of my new favourites!" Customer Survey ID: 24979750

"I'm so happy with your service and your teas, my subscription is one of the best presents I've ever had, so I'd just like to say a big thank you!" Customer Survey ID: 33245434

"Keep up the good work. I love your teas and never can go back to herbal tea in bag as the taste horrible since I converted to your company :)" Claire - Taughton

"The fact that I am trying (and enjoying) teas that I never thought I would like has been great. I now only drink bruu tea. My Yorkshire teabags are no more!!" Customer Survey ID: 2348977

"Thank you for the lovely teas every month. BRUU is fantastic!" Peter - London

"Great tea gift idea that really does keep giving. Usually when I have given someone a gift all is forgotten but because BRUU send them teas every month my partner is constantly thanking me for making such an inspired purchase" Jonathan - Glasgow

"So many different gifts online for tea lovers but few come close to the uniqueness and surprise of this. My boyfriend (tea addict) is now only drinking loose tea thanks to BRUU" Alice -  London