What’s on the menu? Chinese take-away or The Great British Menu?

What’s on the menu? Chinese take-away or The Great British Menu?

It is no secret that with any product available to purchase, there are alternatives with varying prices, features, quality - the list is endless. For example you can purchase an iPhone replica from China for $8, but I think we can all agree it would not be the same as a genuine one.

To this end, we often get asked why our machines are more expensive than alternatives available on the Chinese market, as our machines do share similar characteristics to what is already available. So we thought we would answer the question once and for all...

What are you using the machine for?
If you are thinking of buying a packing machine for personal use then you will not be governed by the same regulations that are applicable for commercial use.

So, if you are packing ingredients to sell commercially then it is important that the machine you purchase adheres to all the relevant regulations and safety standards. So if this is you, read on...

They look the same right?!
Here at YOLO machines, we are very aware of the packing machines available in the market that are similar in appearance to the machines we have developed, sound like them too and are a fraction of the price. But looks can be deceiving and what you see is not always what you get. Immitation after all is the greatest form of flattery. 

So, let's look at the specifications;



Imitation machine

Suitable for

For smaller businesses with less space

Filling small pouches

Compatibility with

Particle, powder and granules such as flour, milk powder, plaster, chemical powder, coffee grounds, medicinal herbs, seeds, rice, salt, spices, tea, coffee, nuts, beans plus many more...

Particle, powder and granules such as flour, milk powder, plaster, chemical powder, coffee grounds, medicinal herbs, seeds, rice, salt, spices, tea, coffee, nuts, beans plus many more...


15 – 25 bags per minute dependent on product

10-20 bags per minute dependent on product


2 – 300g

0 – 100g








A+ rated low energy consumption



CE European pass

Not certified


Food grade stainless steel (304G)

Stainless Steel


1,000,000 + dispenses



1 year

No warranty


43 x 33 x 61cm

45 x 32 x 59 cm 

Net weight










Free next day delivery
1 year warranty

Approx. £600*
6-week delivery
No warranty

* £180 for machine + £220 delivery + VAT + customs fees 

CE European Pass
The Chinese machines do not have the CE European pass which is how products comply with EU safety, health and environmental requirements. Under the New Approach Directivesin the UK it is mandatory that "machinery" and "measuring instruments" must have CE approval. If you are dealing with food, then this should be a huge concern for you especially if your aim is to sell your product to retailers.

With Brexit happening it is uncertain whether CE approval will be as important, but regardless of future regulations any product that has the CE mark is a further guarantee that the product conforms to greater quality and safety. In fact, one of our customers told us how an imitation machine nearly set fire to her premises as it overheated and nearly caught fire, the very thing CE checks help to eliminate.

To gain CE approval, we have had to change a great deal of the wiring inside the machine to conform with the stringent regulations. We had to earth the connections and we housed the motherboard to stop ingredients collecting on it and acting as an insulator of heat. I know if I was touching a machine made of metal all the time (a great conductor of electricity I might add) then I would like to know it has been wired correctly. 

Reply from eBay seller offering one of the cheaper imitation machines.

Steel is steel right? Wrong!
No, our machines are all made using expensive food grade (304) stainless steel. Looking at The Food Safety and Hygiene (England) Regulations 2013  (see article 4, annex 2, chapter 1+2) it is mandatory that the correct equipment is used in any food preparation and handling.

If you run a business that handles food then it is a legal requirement that you register your business with your local council. They will then visit your premises to discuss how your ingredients are handled and if your machine does not use the correct food grade stainless steel then it cannot be used.

Our machines adhere to this regulation and if your food products are being sold commercially then you must adhere to it too. 

Food grade stainless steel is famous for being able to resist corrosion and is less porous, ideal if you want to prevent bacteria growth and offer easier cleaning between use. So, if the machine purchased is not food grade stainless steel you are risking your product and your ability to sell to retail. Stainless steel that is not food grade could allow contaminants to enter the food chain.

More power, more speed, more reliability
If you look at the specs you will see that our Y-2 machine has 200w of power and the imitation machine has only 50w. Yes, it is more energy efficient but having just a 1/4 of the power means it does not shift your products as quickly which slows the whole process. The whole point of a machine is to make it faster than doing it by hand right?! 

Having a bigger motor also means we can utilise greater vibrational frequencies which means more ingredients are compatible and accuracy is generally better. 

However, the greatest advantage of a better motor is reliability. Our machines are not having to work as hard so we can guarantee them for over 1,000,000+ dispenses. This seemingly small detail is also why our machines have CE Certification, as a smaller motor working harder could lead to overheating and become a fire hazard.

Aftersales support & warranty
Where we really win though is supporting you after the sale. If you need help setting the machine up with your ingredients then we are here for you. The companies selling the imitation machines do not offer the same level of support and in some cases charge you restocking fees, customs fees plus your delivery to and from China is none-refundable in the event that you need to send it back. If the unexpected happens to a YOLO machine, someone is at the end of the phone ready to help and in most cases, we can get spare parts sent out for next day delivery. We believe in our machines so much that you also get a 12 month UK manufacturers warranty as standard!

We asked an eBay seller a list of questions & 2 weeks later this was the reply

To us here at YOLO Machines, it is obvious which is the better of the two machines and which we would choose within a business setting. You don’t buy a sweeping bush to hoover a floor! The answer is obvious, investment is a risk but risking your business is not a choice!