Willow Briggs Review

Willow Briggs Review

Here at BRUU, we constantly work hard to ensure you get the taste of tranquillity, and, during these tough times, nothing could be more important. So, we decided to get Willow Briggs thoughts on our tea. Her “Little life channel” with over 900,000+ viewers, really spoke volume to us. Through her combination of “fun beauty box unboxings” to a good “odd random vlog and food haul”, we saw her true honest personality and her potential inspired us. And this inspiration sent a BRUU box to her very own front door. 

Willow described our tea as “Cute, how fun it is, and the tea sounds beautiful”". She overall was excited, and she loved our tea. Emphasizing also how much you get, the quality and the value for money. She also gave big praise to our BRUU surprise last month which was provided by Tribe bar

She continues on to highlight how our “gorgeous smelling tea “looks so posh” with the “little cards”, as well as how it’s “so so fresh and all handpicked” meaning the “great thing is... you can reuse it several different times” which is “really fabulous”. Even comparing the sweet scent of our BRUU's to "strawberry chewits without sugariness".

Willow’s vibrant and interesting channel, is a real haven in the current climate, proving rays of sunshine in these hard days and her cheery welcoming smile. Her videos are always innovative and entertaining for viewers as well as having that re-watch ability status we all crave. We will be working again with Willow on exciting things over the next couple of months. Hoping to put a little of that fabulous Willow personality into all of us.

Our BRUU family is on the rise and can’t wait to welcome new members to the family. In the meantime, use the link below to catch all the exclusive Willow content on our BRUU’s. 

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