Why Is Tea So Popular Around the World?

Why Is Tea So Popular Around the World?

Tea, stated by the majority is the second most consumed beverage in the world, with water not far away in first position. So why is the humble cuppa such a popular choice when it comes to quenching thirst? Well, we shall tell you!

It comes in many varieties, with flavours and leaf types to suit every palette – from fruity, tropical teas to the more earthy black and oolong blends, there is a flavour for everyone! It predates coffee by a few thousand years so tea has had longer to embed into generations past and present. Although coffee is a widespread option and in places like America and Europe there is a coffee shop on practically every street corner, the price of tea and it’s health benefits prevail the mere cup of coffee. (OK, maybe I’m a little biased as I have always preferred tea rather than a coffee rush but there are definite correlations between health improvements and tea consumption).

The best quality tea is produced in the East; in areas of India, China and Sri Lanka, so it’s no surprise that tea is the national drink of these countries. A cup of tea also contains less caffeine than a standard cup of coffee, meaning that the usual, quite intense high you get from a pick-me-up coffee isn’t as prominent in a cup of tea and can be balanced better; a good alternative for those of us who struggle with high doses of caffeine.

As mentioned above, the price of tea is also very affordable – you pay for quality but at the fraction of the price other beverages in the field would advertise. Tea leaves are lighter than a coffee bean and therefore works in tea's favour when it comes to packaging and weight. Tea requires a bare minimum; a kettle and water - it's up to you how you choose to experience tea; whether you are a connoisseur who uses an infuser and a teapot or a minimal, no fuss individual who creates a BRUUtopia by simply switching on the kettle, there is no right or wrong way as we are all different!

Tea can be enjoyed hot or cold - in sunny, warm climates or the more obvious colder countries; oh it's a lovely beverage to sip, whatever the weather!

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