Why a tea subscription is fun

Why a tea subscription is fun

“Fun” is probably the last thing you will associate with a subscription. But you know what, a subscription should be fun otherwise why would you remain engaged and loyal?


It's safe to say we all know how a typical subscription works right? You sign up for a product/service which you recieve at a set time every month until you cancel. It saves time and usually money plus you get to form a deeper relationship with the brand you know and love.


Here at BRUU we love tea - no surprise there then. Tea wakes us up in the morning, eases our tensions during the day, helps me unwind with friends and is great company alongside my evening reading session. Tea is nirvana!


Most people stick to what they know. How often do you get adventurous when you're ordering food from a menu or do you order the same thing every time?

It's the same with tea, most people drink the same type or brand of tea instead of branching out and trying something new. I was the same until a few years back when I visited a friends wedding and my senses were introduced to loose tea and alternative blends. That’s where the “fun” comes in for me, being able to discover and taste something new and send my taste buds on a new adventure.

That's why a tea subscription with BRUU makes sense; we select teas we know you'll love so every month you get the chance to try something new which you may grow to totally love. 

We're always hearing from members who tell us that they now have a new favourite tea!

So, if you love tea and you want to experience something new every month join BRUU and get exciting gourmet teas delivered straight through your letterbox every month. Unless, you love hot chocolate more, then you're reading the wrong blog my friend :-)

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