When Does Loose Leaf Tea Expire?

Loose Leaf Tea Expire

Loose Tea Leaves Next To Glass Cup With Infuser
It’s a commonly known fact, that all food products are perishable to some extent, and to protect consumers, expiration dates are often used to highlight the optimum time for consumption. However, with tea, there is a best before date… not an expiry, which is very very different!

Expiration dates are to show when food or drink is no longer safe to consume. Best before dates are more guidelines as to when the food may be at its best, but it wouldn’t harm you to have it after that, just use your common sense.

Tea naturally contains a lot of potent oils, and the older the tea leaves are, the more likely these oils are to have evaporated, leaving a much weaker smelling and tasting tea.

Essentially, the fresher tea is, the stronger and better it tastes, but it doesn’t ever really go off…

Bruu in India

At BRUU we strive to make sure that your cuppa is as fresh as possible, often sourcing the tea ourselves, and making sure what we deliver to you is as tasty as you could want. Whenever you open a bag of BRUU tea, you should be hit with a strong, thirst inducing smell. A lot of our freshness is in the storage. We keep our tea in dark, airtight containers, and pack it specifically for each despatch, to ensure that it keeps all of its oils and flavours intact, inevitably making your cuppa the best, as you have come to expect from BRUU, and rightly so!

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