Our February 2019 Tea Subscription box...

Our February 2019 Tea Subscription box...

Hey tea lovers!

So, the season of luurrvvvee is upon us, and here at BRUU HQ we’re in the mood to share it about!

Whether through extending a little kindness, like last week when we walked around our home town of Richmond giving out free hugs to strangers or trying to spread positivity through our social media pages, or sending our lovely members' delicious teas and little surprises!

Showing how much we love you all is really important to us, and it’s no mean feat sometimes with our growing number of members, but making sure we get it right for you is our highest priority.

Love is always better when its reciprocated, so if the mood takes you, we would love to get your feedback, good or bad, so we can put it all to good use. Remember to log into your members' areas too and rate your teas. The more love you give our clever tea engine, the more love it will give back to you, with a more personalised selection of teas.

Our year is already shaping up to be a good one and the team are super-focused on making this our biggest one to date! This year we have appointed Greg our “Captain of Happiness”, and he has been busy organising social events for us, and once in a lifetime things for us to do as a team. In the last few weeks we started Soup Club and have enjoyed sampling some of the team’s culinary delights. Yummy!

In other news, we’ve recruited two new members to the team (Vicki and David) with a third due to start in early March. Some of the team also flew out to China to meet with some of our members and visit tea plantations in the Yandang Mountains, so watch this space for a full review of our trip on the BRUU blog.

We’d like to extend a big thank you to Moo Free Chocolates who supported this month’s gift. They are made from rice milk so are entirely dairy-free, which means the cows can roam around freely and keep their milk for their babies - how much love is that! They’re multi-award winners, hold the Queen’s award for enterprise and a PETA award for the best vegan chocolate so we know you are in good hands this month for some healthy indulgence!

We’ve got so much in store for 2019, including a new website, expanding our tea range, getting our name out  more and improving our tea engine. Thankfully we are only 10% into the year so we have plenty of time left on the clock to really rock it!

All of the love, today, tomorrow, and the next day…
Love from BRUU xxx

PS: Look out for changes to our labels over the coming months as we take steps to improve the information about allergies.

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