Valentine's Day Gifts For Tea Lovers

Valentine's Day Gifts For Tea Lovers

Valentine’s Day is a big day for many couples it can be difficult to find the perfect gift, especially for a tea lover. There’s tea ware and infusers all over the market, but what about giving them a special box with some pretty unique tea flavours?  Our Romantic Tea Bundle is ideal for those wanting to go on a taste discovery, with our finest romantic teas and extraordinary flavours, ready to impress even the fussiest of tea drinkers.

What teas are in the Romantic Tea Bundle?

We’ve selected our most luxurious tasting teas to be part of this bundle, to provide the gift receiver with the best tea-tasting experience of their lifetime. The bundle contains these 5 flavours:

Why did we choose these teas?

Champagne is a dry green and white tea blend blended with apples, peach and sultanas to create a crisp and fruity drink. The tea is grown in Fujian China which gives the tea a unique character. This is a subtle and refreshing drink, just like a glass of champagne! The perfect tea for someone special this Valentine’s Day, especially f they love the flavour profile of green and white tea fused together!

Birds of Paradise is quite literally a paradise in a  teacup - tropical, with juicy flavours of papaya and orange with added sweet berry tones. Tastes like a delicious delicacy, yummy!

Chococa is an Assam black tea with a Caribbean twist. Blended with cocoa from Côte d'Ivoire, real chocolate chips and coconut flakes, this one really is a delight. The black tea keeps this drink balanced, ensuring it’s delicious but not too rich. An ideal tea to enjoy with a box of chocolates.

Caribbean Kiss is a green and black tea blend with red peppercorns, orange peel nuggets, & pomelo slices. Imagine a kiss from the Caribbean... but in tea form, get a taste of holiday destinations straight from your cup.

Blueibos is an organic rooibos tea, with heaps of blueberries. Fennel and honey undertones, with cornflowers thrown in for good measure – not only is this tea delicious it’s also got a variety of health benefits!

Do you want to know what’s another great thing about this bundle? You can even change the amount of tea that comes in the box! We’ve got the 14g option or the 50g option, perfect for those who haven’t tried the exciting flavours and want to get a feel for the tea-tasting experience and for those who are already familiar with and love the romantic tea bundle, the ones that can’t get enough! But hurry, get your tea box soon, as Valentine’s Day is just around the corner, and you’ve just found the perfect gift!

Once you receive the teas, we recommend storing them in a cool dry place and in the sachets provided, each tea comes with information about the tea, it’s origin and brewing instructions, so you can kick back and enjoy the romantic tea experience.

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