The Tea Olympics

The Tea Olympics

The Olympics are a little different this year. Many of us aren’t travelling and will be watching the games from home. We’ve put together a list featuring some of our teas from different countries, because though we can’t transport you to the games - we can transport your tastebuds! Sit back, relax and make yourself a BRUU.

1) Japan

Let’s kick of the tea Olympics with our host country, Japan!  Japan will be competing with ‘Popcorn’. This beautiful sencha blend is grown in Kagoshima prefecture where a layer of volcanic ash has enriched the soil with minerals. With a subtle caramel flavour you can enjoy the taste of popcorn whilst you enjoy the games.

2) China

China’s nominated player is the aromatic Mao Jian. Harvested from the Bai Yun mountains, this is a gentle floral green tea. This tea is exposed to high altitudes and harsh weather conditions in the winter to develop an honest and deep flavour. Drinking this tea is like taking a breath of the fresh Bai Yun Mountain air.

3) India

Contending for India we have Darjeeling Gielle. Darjeeling is often referred to as the champagne of teas, due to its delicate earthy tones which are paired with fruity and citrus flavours. The flowery aroma of this tea really is a rare treat

4) Sri-Lanka

Vithanakande is blessed by nature. This divine black tea has a copper and black sheen due to being grown in nutrient rich soil. When brewed it has a complex caramel flavour which is infused with forest fruits. Vithanakande is really one to look out for!

5) Nepal

Nepal’s contender is Ilam, this one is a particular competitor for the Darjeeling Gielle. Ilam is Darjeeling style but is fresher tasting with caramel, peppery and jam-like undertones. This one shows a khaki-bronze hue with silver tips on the leaves. Is it a draw between Darjeeling Gielle and Ilam? No, they both deserve gold medals.

6) Iran

Competing for Iran will be Persian Tea. This contender is a real one to look out for, packed full of antioxidants, minerals, and vitamins. The flavour is mellow, smooth and somewhat creamy. This one also shows a visually exquisite performance during the brewing process, starting with a deep gold mist which is soon overtaken by a red hue. Magnificent.

7) UK

The UK will be putting forward Lancashire Best. Not strictly grown in the UK, this flavour quickly won the hearts of the British people with its soft malty tones. Bright and coppery tones. If you want a taste of home, this one is the one to root for.

8) Brazil

Brazil has got a strong nominee with Brazilian Mate. Known in South America as the Drink of the Gods – Brazilian Mate shows so many dualities that perfectly complement each other. Sweet, bitter, smooth, spicy, simple, and complex. This organic grown blend is believed to cleanse and heal your spirit. This one is truly out to get gold.

9) Kenya

Whilst we have a number of teas available from Africa, Kenya has put forward another fine contender. Ktda is harvested from 7000ft on the slopes of Mount Kenya. This black tea blend is punchy and delicious, sweet and malty. This one is rich in flavour and has a terrific red appearance.

10) South Africa

This tea Olympics South Africa is putting forward Blueibos. The Western Cape is the only place in the world where Rooibos grows, and this tea is a lifestyle in South Africa. This blend is infused with blueberries and has fennel and honey undertones. This one brings the taste of summer straight to your taste buds. This one is a perfect balance of mild and sweet.

11) Turkey

Our final contender will be Turkish Rize. Strong and earthy with a golden hue that resembles the sunrise of Cappadocia. This one is a black tea with a reddish colour, a unique flavour with a sweet honey-like flavour. It’s perfect to start your morning with.

That concludes our list of competitors for the tea Olympics. Though we have lots of other strong contenders available on the BRUU website if you’re fancying something a little different. Even if the Olympics aren’t for you, these teas surely will be.

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