The Perfect Day by Betty Janko

The Perfect Day by Betty Janko

The air is crisp, and soft the breeze
A perfect day, is sure to please
Put on my fuzzy robe and socks
A perfect look, as cold it blocks.

Through the glass doors, as I look out
The squirrels are hungry there’s no doubt
Must feed them first, my meal can wait
They cutely beg, I take the bait…

Now they are fed, and I am too
I sit and wonder what to do
I’m warm and cosy, I prepare
To spend this time without a care.

And when the moment passes on
Enjoyed, although the moments gone
I think, how will I live this day
Vow not to worry it away…

I’ll do what I love most you see
For time is all that’s given me
To create, gives my soul a lift
To share a thought, to give a gift.

Pick up a pen, write, well maybe
Make a blanket for a baby?
I’m warm and cosy and content
Is this what retirements meant?

To do just what I want, or not
Many options are what I’ve got
Right now, I think a cup of tea
And after that, well I’ll just see!


- Betty Janko

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