Two Tea Mocktails To Try At Home

Two Tea Mocktails To Try At Home

The current pandemic has affected us all in so many ways, all different and individual, with many enjoying the sunshine with a cold beverage in hand. If you want to try something that will help you wake the next day fresh, then take a look at our two favourite alcohol-free cocktails:

Birds of paradise
It is well named, just like paradise in a cup, which has amazing tropical flavours such as papaya and orange. It is a light green tea with large fruit chunks and a few rose petals which give it that cocktail aroma that we love. Try it with 1tsp of tea, brewed for 2-3 mins at 80C and then load with ice and a slice.

Champagne tea
Despite what you may think, indulging this BRUU doesn’t actually going to raise your alcohol levels. Its nothing but White Tea, Green Tea, Sultanas, Apple Cubes, Flavouring, Freeze Dried Peach Crunchy, Sunflower Petals. We love this tea because of its ripe grape and peach notes which mirror the taste of a glass of champagne. It works fantastic with a crushed up lemon ice lolly pop and some honey. Give it a try.

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