Three Tasty Teas for The Big Freeze

Three Tasty Teas for The Big Freeze


Feeling a little chilly? Or are you travelling somewhere cold, and you'll need a cuppa to warm you up?

There are a few things however that soften the icy blow, and make it a little more bearable. Open fires, good books, a great series on TV, a great smelling candle, or of course, a fabulous BRUU. See our top 3 tasty teas for the big freeze below;

Gingerbread Man - This is one of our favourites here at BRUU HQ. The rooibos is always a good idea in winter, but coupled with the orange, ginger and pistachio, it is totally delicious! Does what it says on the tin too!

Chai Fire - Not one for the feint hearted, this tea packs a heck of a punch. With chillies, cardamom, star anise and cloves, its like lighting a fire in your tummy! Go on, be bold… We dare you!

Caribbean Kiss - On a slightly different tangent, this instantly transports you to a blissful Caribbean beach, picture swinging in a hammock and watching the world go by. Heat of peppercorns, mixed with little nuggets of orange peel… Blissful!

To get yours, click here to be taken through to our tea shop. Or if you are wanting the delight of having 3 surprise teas sent straight to your door every month, why don’t you sign up to our tea club?

Brrrrrr… its getting cold in the office, better go and get the kettle on!

Take care in the snow!

Sophie xxx

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