Yes, it has been front page news for weeks, if not months and it’s finally the day! Since the announcement of Prince Harry and Meghan’s engagement back in November, the whole world have been in a right royal frenzy and quite rightly so!

We are a nation who love the latest gossip, and when it comes to one of the most well known families in the entire world, of course we want to know the details…especially since our invites obviously went missing in the post, oh well – watching on TV will have to do!

I think I can speak for both men and women when I say we have all dreamt/pretended to be a Prince or Princess at some point in our lives, the supposed lavish lifestyle…the power, it all sounds very exciting.

So, how are you celebrating the latest Royal Wedding? Are you one of the eccentric many who are camping outside of Windsor Castle to ensure the best view on the day or are you taking a more relaxed approach and watching it on TV. Either way we think a BRUU needs to be involved; sipping a cup of tea whilst in awe of Meghan’s wedding dress, witnessing a historic and memorable event, why not! We can assure you that with a BRUU in hand, you will feel like royal-tea yourself!

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