Recycle Your Bruu Box Into a Discount!

Recycle Your Bruu Box Into a Discount!


As we’re working towards making our products eco-friendlier, we’re proud to introduce a scheme to help you recycling the contents of your box – and get discount on your next order!

Currently, our boxes, discovery tea leaflets and tissue paper can be recycled in your household cardboard and paper recycling. But what about our packets that our tea comes in? Those are made from a recyclable soft plastic. But this plastic is not accepted by most councils for general household recycling, meaning that they need to be taken to a larger supermarket or drop off point that accept this type of plastic. You can use this tool to find your nearest point.

Whilst this is an option, we don’t want it to be the ONLY option. As bruu is evolving we’re looking at new ways to become more sustainable and do our part in protecting our planet. That’s why we’re setting up a new scheme for our customers. Instead of throwing away our bruu packets, send them back to us for a discount on your next order!

One bruu box can hold approximately 30 empty packets, with a total weight of 200g. Send us back 30 of your empty packets and get one box for FREE! We appreciate that some customers may want to send back the packets but don’t want to accumulate 30 packets. Which is why if you send back 3 packets, we’ll give you 10% off your next box. Check the FAQ below to see how to take part! 

How can I participate in the scheme?

1) Collect your empty packets

2) Put the packets along with a note of your name and email address inside the box - So we know who to give the discount too!

3) Send the box to:

BRUU (Recycling Scheme)
1 Chantry Wynd
Finkle St
Richmond DL10 4QE


4) Wait for the discount code for your next order!

What happens to the empty packets?

We send them off to a recycling facility so that they can start a new life as something else! We will not be reusing the bags to make sure that everything is hygienic, and our teas keep their fresh flavour.

Will you cover the postage?

Unfortunately, this is not something we can offer at this time, which is why we’re offering discount on our products for those who send back the packets. We have calculated that 30 bags can fit in the bruu box with a total weight of 200g so can be posted with Royal Mail as a large letter to keep the cost low for the sender. Though you are more than welcome to use a different postal service or courier to send your boxes. It doesn’t matter to us how the parcel gets here – but please be aware that we can’t accept any responsibility for lost packages due to postal or courier issues.

I don’t want to take part in the scheme, how can I recycle the packets?

Of course, we’re aware that this will not be an option for everyone, so we’ve included the diagram at the top of this page to show you how to recycle all the components of your bruu box. Please be aware that we can only offer the discount to those who send back the packets directly to us.

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  • samantha stevenson

    Brilliant idea BRUU! Our nearest recycle point for things like these is 16 miles away, and as I don’t drive, not a viable option. I’ll start saving my packets to send back to you. :)

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