How To Make Potpourri With Tea - An Easy Guide

How To Make Potpourri With Tea - An Easy Guide

Collecting decorations for the house can be daunting. The constant dashing between Next and Tesco, then to B&M is a total nightmare, not only that but it can also break the bank. Why not create your own home decorations? This way, you can get total creative control over everything, oh, and save a few pounds along the way.

Here at BRUU we’ve been rattling our brains to think of what creative things you can easily construct with our tea. And an idea struck.... potpourri. Why not use our amazing gourmet tea’s as an infuser in your own Potpourri? Our teas are full of colour and fragrance, so it is ideal. 

How do you make BRUU Potpourri?

1. Preheat your oven to 200˚F and gather your supplies.
Turn your oven on to 200˚F and while it’s heating up, gather your potpourri supplies. You’ll need:

  • Sheet pan

  • Parchment paper

  • Flowers

  • Orris root

  • Essential oils / BRUU leaves

  • Jar or bowl to keep the potpourri in

2. Prepare your flowers.
Prepare your flowers by snipping off stems and removing individual petals. The great thing about potpourri is you can use any flower — choose your favourite colours and scents. You can use individual flower petals or the whole flower head — either way works! We like to incorporate a mixture of both whole heads and petals to give the potpourri more visual interest. If you’re not sure which flower to choose, roses are a go-to.  Rose petals are incredibly fragrant and make for great DIY potpourri. Cover a sheet pan with parchment paper and lay out your chosen flowers and petals in one layer.

3. Add in oils and extras.
Adding in essential oils can really take your potpourri to the next level. Good essential oils for making potpourri include rose geranium oil, lavender oil, bergamot oil, lemon oil and honeysuckle oil. In addition to essential oils, you can add mix-ins like lemon slices, orange slices and of course some BRUU tea. Not only will this add to the fragrance, they’ll make the whole potpourri mixture look even prettier. You can even add in things like dried berries, dried greenery, cedar bark, vanilla pods, seeds and pinecones.

4. Bake for two hours.
Leave the sheet in the oven for two hours and check the potpourri. The flowers and petals should feel brittle and hard. It’s important to make sure the ingredients are entirely dry — if there’s moisture left in them; they can cause the potpourri to mold. Dry flowers and petals will feel brittle and hard — that’s how you know they’re ready! They should be dry in about two hours. When the potpourri is dry, take it out and let it cool down to room temperature.

5. Add in a fixative, more essential oils and mix the potpourri.
A “fixative” is a special potpourri ingredient that will make your fragrance last longer by keeping the scents in the mixture from evaporating. Fixatives are key if you want your potpourri to stay fragrant for weeks. We’d recommend adding more of your BRUU tea leaves here, drying them out can sometimes affect the scent value of them. So, for that extra soothing aroma, leave some undried and add on top

Try it out, and let us know the result. Post it on Instagram and tag us @bruutea

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