Over 500,000 Cups of Tea Served in 2016

Over 500,000 Cups of Tea Served in 2016

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Here at BRUU we've just celebrated our first 'official' Christmas party with a fantastic team. The previous one was a very solitary affair!

If you follow BRUU you'll know we're on a mission to introduce the world to better tasting tea in what's a teabag dominated space. Crunching some numbers this week I was overjoyed to see that we have served over 500,000 cups of tea this year, so we're well on our way to our vision. 

It's been a fantastic year, here are just a few of my highlights:

  • Over 1/2 million cups of tea served
  • Happier customers utilising our new Members Area
  • New tea partners
  • BRUU listed in Boots, WH Smith, Next, Argos and Debenhams
  • New product launches like Teatox, Teashop, Teaware and Gifts
  • Expanded our team
  • Big improvements to how we pack the teas
  • Fantastic testimonials from happy members
  • Lots of press coverage from bloggers, websites and even the ITV!

Thank you to all our members whose feedback has helped us navigate the year. It's only just the beginning!

With love

BRUU Founder

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