Our Tea Detox. What Can It Do For You?

Our Tea Detox. What Can It Do For You?

Our Detox Tea is developed by fitness and health experts to give you the blessing of beauty in a few cups. And yes, there are some real benefits! Helps burn fat, lose weight, strengthens your immune system, aids digestion, clears up your skin…the list just goes on and on. It’s comprised of two cups of tea a day, the 'Rise and Shine' first thing in the morning, and the “Night Night” last thing before bed.

James, who looks after content here at BRUU recently did a Teatox to give himself a boost in preparation for our busy final quarter as we head towards Christmas. Here is what he said:

"During my 28-Day Teatox trial I genuinely experienced a change.  I'm 18 years old and a smoker, and at night I struggled to sleep without having a cigarette beforehand. When I was about two days in, I started noticing that on a night I was sleeping easier and better without needing a cigarette. Honestly, I was quiet surprised, I'm normally a bit skeptical about detox stuff but it evidently was doing something. My skin as well looked heaps better. I normally have really bad red pigmentation on my face because of my eczema, and after a week or so it calmed down - no longer was I walking round looking like a big tomato. Obviously, it took a few days for effects to show because it takes a few days for the detox ingredients to be absorbed fully in your body and work. It was amazing!"

Teatox starts with our 'Rise & Shine' tea, which is packed full of natural ingredients aimed at increasing energy and mood. You take it first thing in the morning and it helps to optimise your body for the day ahead. 

In the evening you then take our 'Night Night' tea which contains the detox ingredients and will help to cleanse your system. Together, our teas work together to give you body a full detox and to help remove impurities that build up from a typical western lifestyle. 

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