Our September 2018 Box

Our September 2018 Box

To coin the phrase from a certain American fantasy series… “Winter is coming”. Much as we have loved the summer, we cannot deny it anymore. It is now time to get cosy, make some scrummy food, and embrace the Autumn months.

Autumn brings with it many things; chillier mornings, darker evenings, and the temptation to snuggle under a blanket, but it also brings so much beauty, if you know where to look for it.

Think of the colour change on the trees, walking on crunchy leaves as they have gracefully fallen from their branches, listening to geese overhead flying south for the Winter, lighting the fire, and watching it dance and pop. However, by far and away the highlight of autumn for us is the excuse to make some seriously yummy comfort food, get your friends round, and share it all over a BRUU.

When it’s a little cooler outside, who wouldn’t want a BRUU to warm you up? And boy do we have the perfect tea for you…

Chai tea is known to go back 5,000 years, when an Indian king ordered a spiced tea, to help heal him. Thought to be a cure in Ayurvedic medicine, the spices had healing properties when ingested, and Chai tea was born.

‘Chai’ is the Hindi word for tea, so technically, you don’t need to add the ‘tea’ afterwards, as you are effectively saying tea tea, but we aren’t sticklers for perfect grammar!

Traditionally Chai can include cardamom, chilli, ginger and cloves. When blended properly, it can really warm you up. If you have never tried a Chai before or have never even heard of it, you can visit our members area to add Chai tea to your preferences, or visit our online teashop to order some.

PIQUANT GREEN - A sensational chai blend that performs perfectly in the mouth. An entry level Chai, but perfectly tasty. Nothing but; China sencha, green tea china jasmine, fennel, aniseed whole, lemon grass, cinnamon, nettle leaves, ginger bits, cloves, pepper, cardamom.

AUTHENTIC DARK CHAI - A gutsy BRUU chai tea with an exotic mix of whole spices for a true taste of India. Nothing but; Black tea, cinnamon, ginger, black pepper, star anise, cardamom, natural flavour & cloves.

CHAI FIRE - Do you DARE? Not for the faint hearted, with whole chillies and ginger this tea is sure to knock your socks off! Whether enjoyed pure or with a dash of milk – we encourage you to be bold and chill(i)-up! Nothing but; Ginger pieces, cinnamon pieces, whole cardamom, cardamom seeds, cloves, star anise & whole chillies.

Now that we have your BRUU sorted, time to follow the trail of tasty thought further... For this month’s box, we have paired up with Spice ‘n’ Tice, purveyors in all things scrumptious! Amazingly, they are giving all you lovely BRUU lot a 20% discount on their website, just follow the instructions on their leaflet in your box

So go on, get cosy, and more importantly, get the kettle on!

Sophie xxx

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