Our October 2016 Box

Our October 2016 Box
Bruu October box

"Fall down 8 times, stand up 7" Japanese Proverb

Tea is the most commonly consumed beverage in Japan and forms a massive part of their culture.  When offered a tea (or Ocha) without specifying a type it is green tea that is mostly served.  Thanks to the influence of Zen Buddhism tea is served in ceremonies, also called the 'Way of Tea' which involves a ceremonial preparation and presentation of the tea.  The whole process is not about drinking tea, but about aesthetics, preparing a bowl of tea from one's heart.  The host always considers the guests with every movement and gesture.  Even the placement of the tea utensils is considered from the guests view point.

This month Shizuoka Prefecture is Japan will hold the World O-CHA (Tea) Festival.  Whilst most of the world is celebrating Halloween, the festival will be promoting global tea culture (nothing better than sharing a BRUU with friends, right?) and expanding awareness of new teas.  It's a great campaign and in line with our vision at BRUU to introduce the world to better tasting teas.

So, let's introduce you to this month's selection:

First up is our Russian Blend.  A combination of malty Assam leaves and a hint of grassiness provided by the Darjeeling produce a unique blend that is strong yet pleasantly balanced making it the perfect afternoon tea.

Next our Korakundah Black is sourced from the highest tea region in Nilgiri, Southern India.  The dark golden-copper cup provides a full-bodied drink with a light, coppery taste. An organic orange-pekoe (OP) with rich flavour, this tea makes a lovely everyday BRUU.

Finally, our Lemon Meets Ginger is a green sencha.  Sencha teas are the most popular in Japan, representing about 80% of the tea produce.  This particular blend is such a well-established drink and beautifully balanced. Plus, summer well and truly behind us, this tea will help anyone with a sniffle or two! A perfect addition to any healthy morning routine.

All our teas this month are organic which means you really are getting a full flavour hit and authentic tea taste.  We've packed them into traditional Japanese Shugi Bukuro which are used in Japan to give people money gifts at weddings, baby showers or Christmas.  The decorative outer envelopes typically feature Mizuhiki, an ornate bow crafted from a special kind of waxed cord.  We thought they made the perfect home for our tea and thank you to The Japanese Shop for providing these.

In other news you will now find BRUU in the gifting sections of Next, WH Smiths, Boots, Debenhams and Argos which is super exciting.  We're also in the process of creating a tea advent calendar so look out for announcements of this on your email.  Finally our Tea Academy Test is now available in the BRUU Members area for those that have been following the weekly modules.  Have a wonderful Halloween.

With love
BRUU Founder

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