Our November 2018 Box

Our November 2018 Box

It’s cold and miserable, and as I write this at my desk at BRUU HQ the rain is hammering against the window… eurgh!

We had a glorious summer this year, and Christmas isn’t far away with all of its festive cheer, however, November has seemed to be very grey and long this time around.That got me thinking about what it is about damp weather that is just so grumpy, and what we can do to turn it around!

It was only last week when I dared to venture outside, I felt the wrath of the unpredictable weather. What seemed like a bright and crisp Sunday morning, you know the kind with the sunshine beaming off the slightly frozen ground - I thought I would go out for a walk. I had obviously dressed warmly, as I am not that brave, I even had sunglasses on, but a couple of glorious miles in the heavens opened, and I got entirely soaked.

A brief scream, and a dash later, and I was taking shelter under a tree in a field. I pulled my waterproofs out of my rucksack, thinking how cold and wet I was, thoroughly miserable. At that point, I remembered, I had packed my flask of tea. I pulled it out and poured myself a mug of steaming hot Chococa Black. As soon as I smelled that familiar black tea and felt the warm steam on my face I started to feel better. Then I took a sip. Warm and comforting I started to smile, another sip, and I started to giggle. I was midway through my second cup when I started to realise how beautiful the rain was, the sound of it hitting the ground and the smell of the earth as it absorbs the water. By the time I had finished my flask I felt totally better. Warmed through, I started to walk a couple of miles back home. With a spring in my step, slightly more waterproofed, and full of tea, I made it back home.

Of course, working here at BRUU, we have beautiful teaware, which I take full advantage of. Take a look on our teashop to see our range, our favourite is our luxury tea infuser flask and it is that very flask which saved my bacon last week!

Last month, we touched on how as Britain’s we use tea for every occasion. Whether it’s a placebo or not, a hot BRUU really makes you feel better. It’s that small comfort just when you need it most.

Obviously last week I needed my waterproofs too, so that spurred us onto how we can supply you with tea and help you stay dry in the damp weather. We took care of the tea, obviously, and our friends at Nikwax helped with the waterproofing. Just add your sachet to the wash, or soak your chosen garment in it, and then let it dry. Hey presto, you will be totally waterproof… it’s like magic! Just remember not to drink it or you will have a very upset tummy.

Lastly, remember that our super-dooper Christmas box will leave BRUU HQ early this year so that you get it in time for Christmas.

Enjoy the rain

Sophie x

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