Our New Tea Subscription Boxes 2019!

Our New Tea Subscription Boxes 2019!

So by now we hope you have all (eventually) gotten your new look BRUU boxes, and it seems they have been really well received! We have had some great feedback on our social media channels, so thank you very much!

Hello to all our members and a big welcome to the new ones that have just joined. You have joined at a rather pivotal point in our journey to introduce the world to better tasting tea…

Being totally honest, we have never been completely proud of the boxes we send our members each month and deep down, knew that we could do much better. We could not hide behind the same excuses of time, resources and lack of finances any longer, whilst our hearts longed to create a box that we could all stand behind and say “we are proud of that”. So, this month marks the relaunch of BRUU and we are going all in from here on out! Here are a few things we have changed;

Surprises are here to stay!

You told us you wanted to keep your little surprises we put in each box. However, from now on the surprises will be linked to our monthly theme and chosen tea region. This month the theme is Rwanda, so we hope you enjoy the freshly roasted Rwandan coffee, kindly provided by Redber Coffee.

We have upped our presentation game!

We want each BRUU delivery to feel more like a gift, so from now on we will be wrapping your teas up so you feel extra special. Remember, all of our packaging (except the pegs) is fully recyclable.

We have introduced Discover…

We want to take you on a journey of discovery, and each month we will be visiting a different tea region so you can learn more about the estate, and even have a taste of that tea, sealed in a beautiful gold bag. You can now learn more about the provenance of special teas and we will work closely with the plantation owners to bring you the most exclusive, fresh and scrumptious teas straight to your door. This month we are visiting the Rutsiro Estate in Rwanda and if you like it we have limited availability on our Teashop.

New labelling

Finally, we have changed the way we label our tea. We have added a mini tea postcard, telling you what is in your tea, how to BRUU it perfectly, along with the ingredients. Not only does it look super pretty, but it is more informative, and something for you to save, so you can make notes on which were your favourites. Remember to upload your rating to your member’s area so that our clever tea engine can send you the most personalised box possible.

But that is not all!

We haven’t finished there though! Over the coming weeks, we’ll be introducing new teas to our range, relaunching our website, improving our tea engine and launching a member’s loyalty and referral scheme. We wanted to put our energy into making your box feel more special first and then we will be focusing on improving the digital experience you have with BRUU.

That’s where you come in…

We hope you like the changes and would love to know what you think. Please follow and share your thoughts with us on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram. @BRUUtea

And finally, we are on the hunt. We need bloggers, influencers, and anyone you can think of to let the world know about BRUU! Can you help, or do you know anyone that can? Get in touch with us on hello@bruutea.co.uk, and mark it for the attention of Sophie.

Love Team BRUU xxx

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