Our May 2019 Subscription Box...

Our May 2019 Subscription Box...

Hey BRUU-sters!

I hope you are enjoying spring so far, and your subscription box too for that matter!

Changes are a BRUUing as always here at HQ. We are working really hard to get our name out there. So far we have been contacting influencers and bloggers, to review our teas. We have also been working on new partnerships with exciting brands, opening up the concept of BRUU to so many new people. Do you know somebody who would like to work with us? Or maybe you would like to write a blog for us or do some lovely Instagram pictures? We would love to chat to you, so contact hello@bruutea.co.uk for details.

New teas are now available on the BRUU Teashop, so head over and check them out. We have expanded our Oolong and White tea categories, due to popular demand. Our personal favourites are Maple Syrup Oolong and Wild Apple White. We also have a delightful Choccy Chai, and our Chakra-tea is packed full of powerful herbs to help stimulate your body’s energy centres.

We are also pleased to welcome Jacob to the team, who has been busy packing your teas and making our boxes. But, his real job will focus on development and this clever clogs will be tasked with improving our personalised tea engine! Welcome to the team Jacob!

Did you know?

Different teas have different brewing requirements. You may think any old cup of boiled water will do the trick, but different varieties of teas need to be brewed at different temperatures for different lengths of time. Herbal and black teas need to be heated for the longest time and at the highest temperatures (100°C) while green and white teas need to be handled a little more delicately, steeped at temperatures of roughly 70-80°C. Luckily, BRUU put exact instructions on each of our recyclable zip bags.

On the 29th of May, we celebrated an incredibly important date in the national British calendar… National Biscuit Day! Whether you are a Bourbon, Rich Tea, or Fig Roll muncher, the need to celebrate is very, very necessary.

So at BRUU HQ, we thought we would indulge you this month… really, really treat you as the special BRUU-sters you are! We have teamed up with Honeywell Bakes, a biscuit company, to design our very own, highly scrumptious BRUU biscuit. They have partnered with loads of fancy pants brands, even Vogue, so we thought we would share some of their luxuries with you to celebrate this most fabulous British diary date.

You will notice that the design has been taken directly from our box, and each flower has been individually hand-painted! What a treat, they are so clever. The image on the front is courtesy of them, and I think you would agree it's BRUU-tiful!

Definitely, time to go get the kettle on… I’ve got a biscuit to dunk!

Sophie xxx

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